Why Join PASS?

The seven members of the PASS Executive Board against a green background with PASS logo.

PASS Executive Board. Back row from left: Region I Vice President Bob Seagrave, Region III Vice President Ray Baggett, Region II Vice President Doug Lowe, Region V Vice President Tamara Rose. Front row: National Secretary-Treasurer Carlos Aguirre, National President Dave Spero, Region IV Vice President Ben Struck.

Membership in PASS is about more than joining a union—it is about having a voice, gaining a system of support and solidarity, and making an important investment in your future. What else do you get by joining PASS? Why should you join now? Take a look at the following and the make the decision to join PASS today!

Become Part of a Strong Union and Labor Movement

When you join PASS, you join a union of aviation brothers and sisters who understand the needs of the workforce and embody the same level of dedication and commitment to protecting this country’s aviation system. In addition, through PASS’s affiliation with the AFL-CIO, you will become part of a nationwide network of union members in both the public and private sector. PASS encourages all of its chapters to work with state or local branches of the AFL-CIO. Become a part of a robust union focused on issues that affect you now and in the future.

Labor Relations Experts on Your Side

PASS is there to support you on the job. PASS has exclusive bargaining authority to negotiate working conditions for employees. The union negotiates contracts on behalf of all bargaining unit employees, but only PASS members have the right to vote to ratify those contracts. In addition, PASS members can provide input to the bargaining team during negotiations or even serve on that team. Without PASS, your wages, benefits, work schedules and working conditions would be dictated by management and the agency could change them at its discretion.

If you ever need to file a grievance, the PASS legal team will be there to provide assistance and support. The union also represents you during investigations or disciplinary matters. As a member of PASS, your voice is heard!

Professional Development

PASS provides organizing, legislative, representative and safety training to its members. In addition, as a PASS member, you can serve as a PASS liaison or subject matter expert on a variety of agency projects, allowing you to bring the voice of employees to the table. The opportunity to work directly with the agency on significant modernization efforts ensures not only your professional development but allows PASS to have direct input to ensure the successful advancement of the aviation system.

Your Voice on Capitol Hill

PASS serves as a voice for members on Capitol Hill and in legislative offices throughout the country. Federal employees are restricted in their ability to lobby Congress on certain issues. However, as a PASS member, you have additional protection and support to lobby on behalf of the union. This is especially important in today’s environment where anti-federal employee legislation that would negatively affect pay, benefits and staffing is regularly introduced on Capitol Hill. In addition, it is imperative that PASS, through its members, educates lawmakers and the public on what you do as an FAA employee to ensure aviation safety.

Access to Member-Only Benefits

PASS works with Union Plus and other vendors to provide you and your family access to valuable products and services. Joining PASS allows you to take advantage of many members-only benefits, including scholarship programs, money and credit services, insurance programs, health care savings, travel discounts, and many more.

How much are PASS membership dues?

Membership dues are 1.25% of your bi-weekly base pay.

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