March 31 Call with the FAA

PASS Brothers and Sisters:

We had another productive call with the FAA today, continuing the open and transparent dialogue in order to protect you and your families, while allowing the NAS to continue operating safely. Below are the highlights:

Accommodating Medically High-Risk Employees:We’ve been hearing from a number of you who fall into the high-risk categories as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who are concerned about your safety and health. We discussed this with the FAA and pointed out that there has been a lack of consistency in dealing with these cases and in some locations, not enough attention paid. While we have not reached consensus or established a policy, PASS believes there are some protective measures in place. If the union can identify a high-risk employee who isn’t able to telework, that employee may be able to be placed on administrative leave if there is medical documentation of the underlying condition(s). The Flight Surgeon may be able to assist with this documentation. It was discussed that employees who fall into this category who are on telework will not be called out to a high-risk situation. Please contact your regional vice president for further assistance.

Notification of Positive Tests: PASS is still receiving second-hand reports of positive tests for COVID-19 in a given facility and not being informed directly and immediately. We have asked that the FAA follow their own procedures circulated last week to identify the appropriate people in a timely manner so that the employees PASS represents in that facility can take proper precautions.

Cleaning and Facilities: The agency told us today that they have been erring on the side of caution regarding possible exposures in facilities and are conducting Level 3, medical grade cleaning in locations where there has been possible exposure. However, there is still some discrepancy on the procedures being followed whether it is an Air Traffic or a Technical Operations employee who tests positive. As we pointed out yesterday, all employees should be treated equally as far as these procedures are concerned. I was glad to hear they are erring on the side of caution as far as cleaning goes but that should go for every person, every work area and every facility. They have promised to work on this.

Travel and Per Diem: You have also told us about issues regarding your per diem if you are still in travel status. Long-term vs. short-term per diem is being handled on a case-by-case basis. The travel office should be giving approval to break any lease you have entered into so that you can return home. A new mailbox that is being monitored regularly by the travel office has been set up for all travel-related questions. I urge you to use this tool, copy your PASS rep and report back to PASS on the response you receive.

Scheduling and Social Distancing: As we reported yesterday, there have been instances where an adjusted Air Traffic schedule is being imposed on our technicians. The ATO collective bargaining agreement is in full force and effect and Air Traffic cannot dictate your schedules. Region I, II and III members are being notified more in depth about this in a separate message.

Please keep submitting your concerns to PASS so that we can continue raising them with the agency. Your information is invaluable for these phone calls.

In solidarity,

Mike Perrone

National President

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