Call with the FAA Today, June 17, 2020

PASS Brothers and Sisters:

Administrator Dickson announced on Monday that the FAA’s National Capital Region will slowly begin the transition to Phase 1 of the agency’s reopening plan on June 22. We have been told, and the administrator reiterated in his video, that the decisions for opening are “conditions-based, not time-based” and that he is “focused on data, not dates.” PASS still has questions about how the phases will be implemented and the criteria guiding each. Along these lines, we have been told that the need for employees to return during Phase 1 will be determined on a case-by-case basis in each facility depending on work requirements and the needs for specific projects or NAS support. The agency stressed that telework will be maximized during Phase 1.

PASS access to the COVID-19 dashboard: In a message to employees last Thursday, the administrator announced a new web page for the agency’s Roadmap to Recovery which includes a COVID-19 dashboard with publicly-available data about the prevalence of COVID cases in a geographical area and information about the number of confirmed cases at each FAA facility. PASS requested to have access to the dashboard so we can monitor the status of each facility ourselves in real-time.

On-the-job training: Thanks to reports from you in the field, we were able to raise the question of employees being called back to work prematurely for on-the-job training when it is not related to NAS restoration or needed for a promotion. As Phase 1 begins, more people will be at facilities and worksites increasing the risk of exposure. We also questioned whether the OJT trainer could voluntarily agree to the assignment and decline without repercussions if he/she feels it would not be safe. I asked specifically if any of this OJT will be moved online. I’ll continue to press for this option. Please let us know if you are being called in for unnecessary OJT.

MMAC: As I reported last week, there is talk of opening the Academy after the July 4th holiday. At this time, Tech Ops has no set date for return to training in Oklahoma City, but Aviation Safety is in discussions to start up their classes. We want to get clarification on the plans in place if employees are at the Academy and the FAA makes a decision to fall back to an earlier phase. We will keep that as an important discussion point each week.

Please continue to let PASS know your concerns and what you are hearing locally that may be contradictory to what the union has shared or even what the administrator has said in his messages to you.

Returning to normal operations has to be done correctly to protect your safety and that of your families.

In solidarity,

Mike Perrone
National President

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