April 15 Calls with the FAA

PASS Brothers and Sisters:

We have held calls with both AVS and ATO leadership this week and the FAA has gotten much better about sharing information that we can share with you.

Receiving Information: We continue to work with ATO and AVS as to how we receive updated information regarding COVID-19 related incidents. The lines of business do not always share information in a consistent manner. Our goal is to get this information as timely as possible so that we can assist in sharing and ensuring that employees are notified and the proper sanitizing and cleaning occur.

Issues discussed in the last two days include:

Cleaning of Government Owned Vehicles (GOVs): We have heard from members in both AVS and ATO that there are issues with getting GOVs properly cleaned and that this is not a national issue but one that is being handled locally. Vendors have been identified that can clean the vehicles to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and we have posted the General Service Administration Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidance for COVID-19 on our Resources page.

Training: All classroom training for AVS has been postponed; employees will need to complete online training courses as required. The agency is looking at providing training guides for classes cancelled for Tech Ops employees as well as exploring correspondence study for those classes.

Awaiting Guidance: We are awaiting guidance from the Secretary of the Department of Transportation regarding the following:

  • The use of excused absence/administrative leave for employees in high-risk categories as defined by the CDC. Official guidance is expected by Friday.
  • The status of use or lose leave. As you recall, the deadline for using leave was extended after the government shutdown last year and with many of you cancelling previously scheduled leave during the pandemic, we expect that will happen again.
  • The application of the leave provisions in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Periodic Maintenance (PMs): As we reported on Monday, the most recent Maintenance Alert added Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) as required daily maintenance. We have requested that clarification be sent to all frontline managers explaining that according to the General Maintenance Handbook. In accordance with policy, ‘daily’ means no less than three times per week if the equipment is not in a staffed facility. If you continue to be told that PM must be done every single day, please let PASS know. You should also keep in mind that as the current situation evolves, PMs are adjusted accordingly.

Use of Styluses on Equipment: There is still some confusion over how styluses were purchased for each facility. Those procured through the Mike Monroney Aeronautic Center are working. Some facilities may have procured their own and may have purchased the wrong kind. The FAA is looking into this.

Our next call is on Friday and if there are issues that you feel should be addressed, please submit them to PASS.

In Solidarity,

Mike Perrone
National President

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