April 20 Call with the FAA

PASS Sisters and Brothers:

We spent today’s call with the FAA discussing new topics, such as a Tech Ops employee survey and also reviewing some topics for which we are still owed answers.

Use or Lose Leave: Like all federal agencies, the FAA is waiting on guidance from the Office of Personnel Management on what accommodations will be made for use or lose leave since most employees have cancelled previously scheduled leave. We will share that information with you as soon as we have it.

Tech-Ops Employee Survey: We have been speaking with the agency about conducting an employee survey for direct feedback on your personal well-being, what gaps may exist in the arrangements made for telework, what questions you may have on policy or agency directives and more. While we have been sharing the concerns you have sent to PASS (anonymously), this is an opportunity for you to give direct feedback to the agency. The survey should be sent out tomorrow and I encourage all Tech Ops employees to take it.

Facility Cleaning: We raised an issue brought to our attention about bargaining unit employees being asked to escort janitorial staff (who do not have badges) through facilities that have a presumed/confirmed positive test for COVID-19. We want to minimize any exposure you may have. Please let us know if this is happening in your facility.

Periodic Maintenance (PM): We were informed that the maintenance alerts regarding PMs have been extended through May 31 and that non-critical PMs are being deleted from the system daily. Please let PASS know if this is not the message you are receiving in the workplace.

Flight Standards Training: As we reported last week, all Flight Standards in-person training has been cancelled through May 31. However, some classes will be presented online. You can find out more under “Continuity of Training” on the AFB-500 website.

District Realignments: PASS has been in talks with the agency for months over a plan to realign districts throughout Tech Ops. A final accounting of the realignment is due in May and we will evaluate the information to see how it will impact PASS and our representational duty to you.

There is still much uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic, but I can say with certainty that this increased communication with the agency has been beneficial for all parties. Of course, you can continue to send us your concerns and questions directly.

In solidarity,

Mike Perrone
National President

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