April 2 Call with the FAA

PASS Brothers and Sisters:

Here are the highlights of today’s call with the FAA.

Facility Cleaning: While you have reported that cleaning is getting better and becoming more thorough, we know that it must continue to improve and inconsistencies be addressed.

Today we discussed the differences between Level 2 and 3 cleaning. It was expressed that we need to ensure that areas where our technicians work need to be cleaned at the same level as those occupied by Air Traffic. Typically, areas where an employee with a positive test worked receive the more rigorous Level 3 cleaning. We insisted that a standard be developed to establish that the level of cleaning will be consistent and the requirements understood.

In addition, we raised an issue that some believe, that common areas in Air Traffic are getting more cleaning attention than in Technical Operations. We requested that Tech Ops send out more specific cleaning guidance to cover ALL equipment, including phones and commonly used PCs.

Joint Crisis Action Team (JCAT) Telecons: As we reported yesterday, there has been inconsistency in how PASS is notified about JCAT telecons regarding facility exposures which may be impacting how quickly you are notified locally. National Secretary-Treasurer Carlos Aguirre and I are receiving the JCAT telecon notifications, but I stressed again that all our regional vice presidents must be notified at the same time as FAA managers and other unions. It was agreed that this should occur.

PASS strongly suggested that the JCAT calls be conducted with a moderator so that all employee representatives are provided an opportunity to express their opinion and thoughts.

Periodic Maintenance (PM): We are still hearing from you that the most recent maintenance alert regarding PMs is not being adhered to locally. We asked the agency to establish a process if there is a difference of opinion about PMs being approved or disapproved. The agency requested specific examples be provided so they could respond and correct. This can be accomplished by using our online form.

It was agreed by both sides today that the improvements in communication over the last weeks allow us to reduce the frequency of calls starting next week, unless there is a critical, urgent issue that needs to be addressed. I encourage all of you to continue submitting your concerns to us, as many issues can be addressed directly by your regional vice president, our national safety reps or the PASS legal team. We will continue to forward those concerns to the agency (anonymously) on a regular basis.

Thank you for all you are doing for the country during this difficult time. Please put your personal health and that of your families first. You are the union’s number one priority.

In solidarity,

Mike Perrone
National President

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