PASS Statement on White House Proposal to Privatize the ATC System

Today, Mike Perrone, national president of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), the union that represents 11,000 employees at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), released the following statement in response to President Trump’s proposal to privatize the air traffic control system:

“The dedicated federal employees at the FAA represented by PASS oppose the president’s plan for privatizing the nation’s air traffic control system.

“Privatizing the largest and most complex aviation system in the world is a risky and unnecessary step at this pivotal point in its modernization. True progress is being made through Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) programs. Breaking apart the system to establish a monopoly will take the focus off the substantial progress already being made. This would slow down enhancements and possibly compromise safety to fix a system that’s not broken.

“The FAA employees represented by PASS ensure that this country’s National Airspace System is operating safely and efficiently every day. Stripping air traffic control from the federal government will only introduce uncertainty and risk.

“But this is not a single union, or single group of employees at the FAA, opposing this move. PASS is part of a coalition of labor and management groups that represent a majority of employees at the agency who oppose any efforts to privatize the air traffic control system.

“It is unfathomable to consider gambling with the future and safety of our air traffic control system by putting it into the hands of an organization that diminishes the voice of the American citizens who will be most affected by it.

“PASS will continue to work tirelessly with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to keep this misguided proposal from coming to fruition.

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