PASS Congratulates President Obama on Reelection

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mike Perrone, national president of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), the union that represents over 11,000 aviation safety inspectors and technicians

at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DoD), released the following statement regarding the reelection of President Barack Obama.

"PASS congratulates President Obama on his reelection and we look forward to continuing to work with his administration. PASS commends the president on his firm commitment to improving the quality of life for America's working families and his continued efforts to promote aviation safety and infrastructure advancements. Yesterday, union members across the country turned out in record numbers to support candidates who support working families, and I am pleased that so many of my union brothers and sisters have exercised this important right. While we have much work to do, I am encouraged by the reelection of President Obama and the hope that we can continue to make progress by working with his administration."

For more information or questions, please contact Kori Blalock Keller at (202) 293-7277 x110.


For 36 years, PASS has represented more than 11,000 employees of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense who install, maintain, support and certify air traffic control and national defense equipment, inspect and oversee the commercial and general aviation industries, develop flight procedures and perform quality analyses of the aviation systems. For more information, visit the PASS website at

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