FAA Honors PASS Member for Safety Work

Just as PASS and other federal employees were celebrating Public Service Recognition Week, the union learnedthat Chapter WA3 member Stan Godek has been honored by the FAA with a Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO) Employee Safety Award for fiscal year 2017.

The agency celebrated North American Occupational Safety and Health Week the same week with its own events, culminating in an awards ceremony yesterday. “I couldn’t think of a better time to recognize you for your efforts to make the FAA a safer workplace,” wrote Vaughn Turner, FAA vice president for Technical  Operations.

Godek, an aviation safety inspector and PASS representative at the Boeing Certificate Management Office (CMO), is also the Northwest Mountain Regional National Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Committee (OSHECCOM) chair and Region IV’s representative on the PASS Public Relations Committee.

He was nominated for the award by Chapter IL3 member and Region IV National Safety Committee Representative Colleen Stevens. In honoring Godek, the agency recognized “the positive impact you have made to the field of environmental and occupational safety and health and to the agency by going above and beyond the call of duty to stand up compliant OSHECCOM Establishment Committees in several locations.”

“We know our members go above and beyond every day to protect the safety of the National Airspace System as well as their own workplaces,” said National President Mike Perrone. “We are grateful for all of them, but to have the agency recognize one of our own is icing on the cake.”

Godek extended his thanks to Stevens for the nomination and also his FAA team members who helped stand up the now compliant OSHECCOMS by working to streamline the process. “We still have work to do, but we are making headway and having a positive impact!” said Godek.

“Congratulations, Brother Stan,” said President Perrone. “Your fellow members and coworkers rely on one another to keep the workplace safe for all.”

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