PASS National Run-off Election Results Announced

Today the ballots were counted in the PASS national run-off election and the results are in:

National Vice President: Carlos Aguirre
Region V Vice President: Howard (Hawk) Hawkins
National MIDO representative: Donald Henchar
Region I National Finance Committee member: Jill White
Region IV National Finance Committee member: Jim Pratt

In accordance with the PASS Constitution, a run-off election was held for these positions as none of the candidates won 50 percent of the votes cast in the national election conducted in August.

“PASS is for and about our members and I know the new Executive Board will serve them well," said National President Mike Perrone. "Thanks to all the PASS members who stepped up to run for office this year."

“I am grateful to the PASS membership for their support,” said incoming Vice President Aguirre. “And having served as a Region I Assistant for five years, I am confident the transition to the role of National Vice President will be a smooth one. I'd like to recognize Brother Ray Morgan for his continued activity as a PASS leader. I look forward to engaging with more of our union brothers and sisters and working hard on their behalf.”

The secret ballot election was conducted from September 18 through October 18 by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The ballots were counted today at the PASS national office in Washington, D.C., and the results certified by AAA and the union’s Tally Committee. PASS members Lynda Bloomberg, Jose Cortes, Sean Denniston and Lisa Langley served as the Tally Committee.

The new board members will be sworn in on November 6, at the Executive Board meeting in Washington, D.C.

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