PASS, Federal-Postal Coalition Urge Senate to Reopen Government

On January 23, PASS, along with other members of the Federal-Postal Coalition, sent a letter to the Senate encouraging them to end the shutdown and allow all federal employees to get back to work and be fairly compensated.

“Funding the government is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of Congress and the President,” stated the letter. “A lapse in government funding compromises critical federal services, including our national safety and security. Each day that the shutdown continues, more Americans begin to feel the effects of having a government that is only partially operating."

"The shutdown is directly affecting agencies and employees that support victims of natural disasters, ensure aviation safety and provide border security, ensure economic vitality through legal trade and travel, assist taxpayers, allow businesses to grow and expand, keep our communities safe and guard our prisons, welcome visitors and keep our national parks clean, and make sure that the food we eat and the products we use are safe for consumption.”

PASS will continue to work with lawmakers and other groups to end this shutdown and ensure all employees are made whole with back pay. To read the full Coalition letter, click here.

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