One Shutdown Ended, Another Looms Over Federal Employees

As PASS-represented employees went back to work this week at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), joining their colleagues who have been on the job without pay, PASS National President Mike Perrone reminded his members that the three-week continuing resolution signed January 25 was only a short-term respite. In a message yesterday, Perrone commended the workforce on the number of informational pickets held at airports across the country over the last month to highlight the effects of the government shutdown on aviation safety. “Friday’s news was only a temporary reprieve and we could be back on those picket lines in three weeks, so the fight isn’t over,” Perrone said.

Every day the shutdown continued, the risk to the American flying public and to the system increased. PASS-represented employees working without pay did their jobs as they do every day: committed to the mission of the FAA and to public service on behalf of all Americans. But stress and fatigue were also building. “When they go to work, they should only have to focus on the job of making sure equipment is properly maintained and certified, not whether their families are financially secure,” said Perrone.

Employees are slowly being made whole with their back pay but it could be several weeks before they are completely caught up; yet a second shutdown looms.

PASS calls on lawmakers to reach a funding deal that will prevent another government shutdown on February 15 and has just one message: fully fund the Department of Transportation and the FAA.

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