Saluting Federal Employees: PSRW 2019

Since 1985, Congress has designated the first full week of May as Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) to show appreciation for the men and women who make up the nation’s civil service.

Organized by the Public Employees Roundtable, a coalition of government employee advocacy groups, PSRW is a great opportunity for the country to acknowledge the important work PASS members and all federal employees do every day to keep our nation running. ['I Serve Because...' PASS members tell you why.]

During the historic partial government shutdown, the American public turned out in droves to support the dedicated public servants who were working without pay for 35 days and those who were forced to stay at home while their work piled up. They understood that these were their family, friends and neighbors who were caught up in a political fight not of their making.

PASS celebrates the dedicated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees we represent nationwide and the civilian Department of Defense (DoD) employees we represent at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point: the systems specialist who keeps air traffic control equipment in service, the inspector who makes sure planes and helicopters are safe to fly, the aeronautical information specialists who prepare the maps and charts pilots rely on, the flight inspection and mission support employees who ensure the integrity of procedures, safety support staff who are there every step of the way, and all the professionals represented by PASS who are on the job 24/7. “The employees we represent demonstrate every day that they are dedicated to the FAA’s mission but never more so than during the government shutdown,” said PASS National President Mike Perrone. “They are experienced, highly skilled and committed to the job of keeping our skies safe—they never wavered even when they weren’t being paid.”

As government budgets are squeezed and challenges continue to face federal employees, PSRW is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on PASS members and other federal, state and municipal public servants who serve this country.

“Public servants are all around us,” said President Perrone. “They educate our children, protect our streets and homes, deliver our mail, fight wildfires, process taxes, inspect our food and medication and provide health care services. Military and civilian federal employees defend our country every day. And our members ensure safety in the air and on the ground.” Approximately 60 percent of the employees PASS represents are military veterans who chose to continue that service by joining the FAA or DoD. With undying gratitude, PASS thanks its members at the FAA and all public servants for their commitment and dedication to this country.

Find out why PASS members serve their country here.


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