PASS Supports House Transportation Committee Bill on FAA Certification

For years, the Profesional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), has called upon the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Congress to reexamine the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) program, as direct FAA involvement in aircraft certification has been significantly reduced and more oversight has been turned over to industry. PASS has asked the FAA to put the brakes on expanding ODA, as called for in the 2018 FAA reauthorization. While the system is not entirely broken, holes have developed that jeopardize aviation safety and the flying public. The bi-partisan Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act, introduced by the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee on September 28, 2020, takes the much-needed steps to close those holes and ensure that aircraft manufactured in the United States are held to the highest standards. PASS supports this legislation as it Increases the agency’s oversight role and authority in the certification process while empowering FAA employees with the tools, skills and resources to keep pace with new and emerging technology. “The Aviation Safety employees that PASS represents at the FAA are highly skilled and trained professionals,” said PASS National President Mike Perrone. “The union is grateful that committee members on both sides of the aisle aim to provide them with the resources they need to accomplish the mission of the FAA and in doing so, protect the American flying public.”

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