PASS Member on Impact of Pandemic on Federal Workers

Earlier this month, PASS member and union rep Martha Parish was one of several federal employees interviewed by Gov Exec on the impact of the pandemic on the federal workforce. Parish spoke on behalf of the union and not in her capacity as an aviation safety inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration.

How has your work-life balance changed, and what do you think your “new normal” will look like?

I have to say, I probably worked a little bit more. We were afforded more flexibility in the hours that we could work so that we could accommodate people with kids that were home doing homeschool and my division in particular was very generous in terms of saying, ‘Look, if you have to work from 12 to 8 in order to meet your home requirements or your family requirements that have changed,’ they were very flexible in that. I also found myself reaching out to other folks that weren't used to working from home to sort of help them develop their toolbox and their skills.

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