PASS on Return-to-Office Plans

PASS is providing the templates below for employees to use when filing a grievance regarding your personal telework situation. The pdfs are fillable and you should add your name, facility, location, incident date (when the telework was denied/terminated), and your signature at the bottom. You should also include information specific to your case. You have only 20 calendar days from the denial or termination to file your grievance.

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Forms to file a telework grievance:

ATO employees:    Telework Denied     Telework Terminated

AVS employees:    Telework Denied     Telework Terminated

After you have completed the form, please send a copy to your local PASS rep as well as to  so that the union can track how many grievances have been filed against the agency. It you have downloaded the pdf, there is a green button at the bottom of the pdf that will also send the form to Labor Relations via email. Then follow the regular established grievance procedure, which usually means sending a copy to your frontline manager. Sending a copy to PASS Labor Relations does NOT constitute filing your grievance.

If you have questions, please contact your local PASS representative.

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