PASS Supports FAA Reauthorization Bill

PASS is pleased with many of the provisions included in the five-year Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill that will be taken up on the Senate floor this week. The union worked with its allies on Capitol Hill to secure language that will increase funding and staffing for the 11,000 employees it represents at the FAA.

“We have been sounding alarm bells for more than a year about how inadequate staffing among both our Technical Operations and Aviation Safety workforces can have a detrimental impact on aviation safety,” said National President Dave Spero. While the FAA Workforce Review Audit provision is welcome and necessary, the agency needs to move quickly on the staffing model for aviation safety inspectors, he said. “With all of the issues that have emerged around the safety culture at Boeing, it is imperative that this workforce be fully staffed so that they can more closely regulate manufacturers as well as the airlines,” President Spero continued.

Last year, PASS brought to the attention of Congress that there are 15 instrument landing systems (ILS) sitting in a cave in Missouri. There are airports in desperate need of these systems and PASS represents employees with the requisite skills, training and expertise to install the systems. “This equipment cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars,” said President Spero. “There’s no reason why, if properly staffed, FAA employees can’t install, certify and put the ILS to work.”

“It is our hope that Congress will move swiftly on the legislation and have it on the president’s desk before the May 10 deadline,” he continued. “A continuing series of short-term extensions does not serve the mission of aviation safety nor the American flying public.”

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